The first entry in a blog is always something very special. So here in the Playtime Blog. I write shorter and longer texts about media like movies, music or games. The world of media and entertainment enriches my life for a long time. A day without music - impossible. A month without a good movie - boring.

These little pleasures have always made me happy. And I share my feelings about them on the Playtime blog.

Where does the name Playtime come from? I had asked many people via for a name for my new blog and got this idea, among others. In fact, it’s a movie title for the 1967 film Playtime. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I liked the first clips immensely. Besides, the word Playtime fits like a glove.

Let’s go for it!

Yours ohBananaJoe

ohBananaJoe @ohBananaJoe